Welcome to StatusNOW! Paramedical Case Management!

Microworks has been on the forefront of Paramedical Case Management since 1996 when we intoduced
the first, widely accepted Case Management software.

Since then technology has advanced and we've worked hard to keep pace.

Our Internet based StatusNOW! Case and Office Management solutions provide
Independent Offices the power to do what was previously available only to the "Big" guys.
Now, you, your examiners, your agents and your Office can benefit from Web technology
and offer your clients the best possible service available.

Use StatusNOW! to manage every aspect of your case load.
  • NEW! - An Internet HOME PAGE for your company
  • NEW! - Exam Order Form
  • NEW! - Updated, more professional Login Screen
  • Case Origination
  • Examiner Management
  • Agent Management
  • Automated Email Case Delivery
  • Insurance Companies
  • Billing Reports
  • On Demand Reports
  • Examiner Case Reminders
  • Unlimited Users
  • Access From Any Computer, Anywhere
  • Productivity Reports by Examiner
  • Seamless Integration for All Users
  • Fully Customizable to Your Specific Needs
  • Complete List of Site Features and Capabilities

In a nutshell...
You say "GO", and we take care of EVERYTING !!!!

Why Would I Use StatusNow?
The days of Case Management being an "In Office" endeavor are over.
Today's environment requires the latest technology and information delivery.
All the BIG Offices have moved to this type of system for a good reason... it's BETTER!
To remain competitive, you must provide YOUR clients with the type of information availability the Industry has come to expect. ON-Line, Real Time Status Updates and Case Management.

By using StatusNOW!, EVERYONE...from your Office staff, to your Examiners, your Agents and the Insurance Agencies you work with will have immediate, 24 hour access to the very latest information about the cases that they are concerned with.

What's more, you will save time since you will spend less time updating cases and answering the phone! No more shuffling through stacks or files of paperwork.

EVERYTHING will be organized and at your fingertips.

Easy Transition - Use your existing web page!
To make the transition easy for your agents and examiners, the entire system can be accessed
via a link that can be added to your already existing web page (if you have one)
so that to your clients, examiners and agents, it only looks as if you've added
a new set of functions to your existing web site!

In addition, we can IMPORT your data (such as existing agents) making the process
even easier!

Just one more way we make it all so easy for you!

Security - I'm concerned about Internet Security.. will my data be safe?

We're as concerned about security as you are.
That's why every client we service is set up in their own unique directory, with their own unique tables. Data is kept completely separate from any other companies data. Also, we strive for 100% HIPPA compliance. Your data is sensitive and because we do NOT perform cases, we are not in competition with you and will never under ANY circumstances allow your private and sensitive data to be shared or compromised.

Finally, your site will be on a Macromedia "ColdFusion" server which is inherently more secure than normal Http servers.
We're currently servicing over 5,000 cases per month and growing. We're earning trust in this industry one client at a time.

Affordability - My Office is on a tight budget.. Can I afford this?

On average, the cost of using this service will vary depending on your case load.   Offices with heavy case load volumes are now priced very low.   Complete packages start as low as $100 / mo !  That's it!  It's that simple....it's THAT affordable! There's no reason to wait!

For those Offices wanting an "In-house" solution to their case management needs,
A license can be purchased so that StatusNOW can be installed on YOUR servers
eliminating all monthly fees completely.

For specific information contact us for details.*

How Do I Get started?

You will need to place a set up deposit so that we can set up your databases and web site.
This is a very time intensive process and therefore the need for a deposit. Please email us for the current deposit amount.

We truly believe that once you begin using statusNow! for your personal
or Office case management needs, you'll be amazed at how much more productive
and profitable your operation will become because you'll have more time to focus
on those things that increase your business....instead of the details.

*Extra charges can be incurred under the following circumstances...

1). Your case load varies substantially from indications when you signed up.
2). You require customization or programming changes to suit your specific needs.